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Gas line - We install and service savannah products

Signs You May Have a Gas Line Leak:

  • Because natural gas is colorless, it has an additive in it that smells like rotten eggs. This is done to warn of a possible leak
  • If you notice bubbles across the surface of your yard after a rain, this could be a sign your gas line into your home has a leak
  • If you have all your gas appliances turned off and your gas meter continues to move
    The Clean Plumber has the expertise to tackle any gas line problem and we are trained to work with any gas line material. Our repairs and installations will not leak because we incorporate the proper sealing materials when our work is performed.

Our Services Include

  • Gas Line Leak Detection – Inspect and Detect
  • Gas Line Repair – Locating and repairing small cracks and weakened gas lines
  • Gas Appliance Hook Up – We can run new gas lines or connect to existing lines
  • New Gas Line Installation – For furnaces, hot water heaters, kitchen or outdoor appliances• Gas Line Maintenance & Code Compliance

Can Your Technicians Say This About Their Service?

You’ll never be surprised by an exorbitant bill after services are performed. Our technicians aren’t on commission as with many other businesses. You will always be provided with an exact up-front price to get the job done right, with no surprises. And when we’ve finished the job, we’ll leave your home as clean as when we arrived. That’s why all our technicians carry cleaning supplies and wear shoe wraps. When we leave, you can go back to what’s important in your life without having to clean up behind us.
So, whether it’s gas line inspection, the installation of new gas lines, repair of existing lines or just hooking up your new appliance you can count on the work being done completely to your satisfaction and with our 100% Guarantee!


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