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Tankless water heater -We install and service Navien products!

A tankless water heater, also known as an on demand or instantaneous water heater, heats water only when you need it. This means it doesn’t waste energy like traditional stored water heaters do when they heat up a 60+ gallon tank of water for washing a small sink full of dishes. 

The tankless water heats water directly from the tap. You turn on the hot tap and water flows through a pipe to the  tankless water heater where, depending on your source of power, an electric element or a gas burner heats the water. Since there is no need to heat a tank full of cold water, there is no need to wait for the water to heat up; only hot water will flow through your tap. Another point to ponder is that tankless water heaters do not waste heat that escapes from stored hot water sitting in a tank. 

When you install a whole house tankless water heater you not only gain energy savings but also valuable basement space where that old clunky tank sat. Tankless water heaters can be sized just right to serve your family’s needs, and for those remote areas, boosters can be installed in a cabinet underneath the appliance.

The numbers speak for themselves. If you consume 41% or less water daily, a tankless water heater will use 24 to 34% less energy than your stored water tank. If you use a lot of water, say 81 gallons, it can be 8 – 14% more energy efficient.

For more information about tankless water heaters, contact TASA Air and we will help you get efficient.


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